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Plattsburg UCC Kitchen/Fellowship Area Remodel

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Week 1 - February 27, 2011

As we begin the actual work on the renovation of the kitchen and fellowship area of the church, the Trustees will make an effort to update you periodically on what is taking place.

Several people have been working during the past two weeks preparing the area for the actual construction by various contractors. Thus far, the wall between the kitchen and the pie room has been removed, the wall between the pie room and the choir robe area has been removed, and the ceiling in the pie room has been removed along with the heat ducts in the room. Among the many unexpected surprises has been the discovery that the pre-existing opening between the pie room and the choir robe area was not large enough to accommodate the plans we had for it. Thus the need to reinforce the opening in order to widen it has required much time, thought, and effort by a lot of people. Hopefully, a plan to be implemented next Tuesday will solve the problem without further issue.

In the actual kitchen, all the serving pieces and utensils have been placed in storage or in the case of items no longer needed, sent to Interfaith Hospitality Network for their use. The cabinets, counter tops, work tables, sinks, etc. have been removed and either relocated to a new home or sent to the trash.

The ladies on the planning committee have been working closely with the planners and designers from Ideal Image, (Dale Paugh’s company), and are in the final stages of designing and equipping the new facility.

Yesterday, all the “loose items” in the fellowship area were moved to the second floor and are stored in the South half of the nursery for the duration of the project. It was necessary to move these items to allow the floor company to prepare and install the new floor surface. The surplus piano went to Peggy Beedy’s house and five of the old lights from the sanctuary have found new homes with various members of the congregation. There are still three remaining if anyone wants one before they are sent to Heart of Ohio Antique Center.

In the project budget, we had a category for “unexpected expenses”. The first item to fit there is the need to completely remove the existing main electric panel and install new service in order to carry the increased load for the new kitchen in a safe manner. The estimated cost is about $2,000.00. while this is significant, it DOES NOT change the bottom line cost since we have that built in financial cushion for such situations.

During this coming week, Wiseman & Sons will be cutting the floor in the Fellowship area and installing the new drainage system and also rerouting the sump pump lines to the storm sewer along Plattsburg Road. After this week, and for the following two weeks, the contractors will be building the walls and ceilings for the new area along with the electrician and plumber doing the “rough in” part of their work.

The line of credit for the project has been secured from Security Bank and the “Campaign 165” Pledge Committee (this is the 165th anniversary of the founding of Plattsburg Church) is working on a plan to contact all the members and friends of the church seeking financial support for the project.

Given the size of the project, individual trustees have assumed primary responsibility for various aspects of the work. Here is a breakdown of those duties. Jay Flax-Electricity, Don Ireland-Plumbing & Gas lines, Peggy Bellows-kitchen take down, storage, & re-assembly, Karla Smith-painting, Justin Flax-Drainage & sump line relocation, Ed Kranz-Floors. If you have ideas or questions within any of these areas, contact the trustee who is overseeing the area.

Week 2 - March 6, 2011 (see Gallery for Pix)

The following information will provide a point of reference for this week’s update. The average thickness of concrete for some common uses is as follows:

Residential basement floor - 4”,  Residential driveway - 6”

Heavy use drive on a farm - 8”,    Interstate highway - 14”

Wiseman & Sons and the concrete cutting company went to work on the basement floor so new drain lines could be installed. They were told to expect about 4” of concrete over a wood floor. This information was based on statements from people who were part of the church in the 1950’s and a core sample taken 3 years ago. What they soon found was 12” of very solid concrete poured in two or three layers at different times!!!! It was so thick and so solid, the company had to switch to a larger saw and blade as well as call in additional manpower to complete the job in one day. Apparently, the place we chose to do the core sample three years ago was the only place in the entire floor that happened to have a stray piece of wood imbedded in the concrete. What was bid as a two hour job took over 8 man hours to complete. As you might imagine, the total cost will be higher than the original estimate. We have not yet received a final invoice, but you can be assured some part of the “Miscellaneous & Cost Overrun” budget will be needed to cover it.

The good news is this was the only “surprising and expensive” event of the week. Here is a recap of the rest of the week’s activities.

  • The opening between the choir area and the old pie room is now enlarged and safely supported with steel beams and support post. This will be the exit area for the new serving line.
  • The duct work for the heating system required extensive rerouting and reconfiguration for the new plan. Thanks to the incredible skills of Ervin Edwards, not only is the work done, but we now have 4– 5 more inches of head room in the old pie room area. This is especially welcome news for Garry Paugh, who will be thankful every time he goes through the serving line!!
  • The new floor drains are installed. Plus, a new 4 inch perforated underground drain line is installed to move water from the East side in the teen Sunday school area all the way across the basement to the existing sump pump.
  • The new ranges, hoods and exhaust vents were ordered along with the new dish washing sink and hand sinks.
  • The plumbers roughed in the water and drain lines under the kitchen floor and they are now safely covered with new concrete.
  • The electrician did preliminary work that needed to be in place before the contractors start construction tomorrow.
  • We continue to be in constant contact with the designers and planners from Ideal Image as final specs and drawings are being produced.

Please note this request for help. We need literally dozens of people willing to give time and effort to the project this week. It is the congregation’s responsibility to paint everything in the “fellowship area” this coming Friday @ 6:00 P.M. and Saturday beginning @ 9:00 A.M. We will not be painting the kitchen area until after further construction. We plan to paint the walls, ceiling, woodwork, and just about anything else except the lights and door knobs. The idea is to get this done before the flooring company begins work, so even the “sloppiest painters” can share in the fun and fellowship without worrying about splattering the floor. We promise you snacks, drinks, lunch on Saturday and lots of good fellowship if you join us. If you can’t paint come and help with the food or be an “official inspector”. Every big job needs some of those!!

One final note. Please respond to the pledge request sent to you by the “Campaign 165 Committee” as generously as your budget allows. We need to have a financial plan to retire this debt as soon as possible.